2016 Mercedes Benz C63-S AMG - SOLD!

Vehicle Information

Fully Tuned, Fast, Ready to Enjoy! 850HP REDUCED TO SELL!!!!

Offered At: $62500

Ext. Color: White

Mileage: 31,955

Trans: 7 Speed Automatic

Engine: Bi-Turbo V8

Stock #: 200624C

Vin: 55SWF8HB3GVD98853

Crevier Classic Cars is offering a 2016 Mercedes Benz C63-S AMG Fully loaded with all Weistech components. It is a luxury Horsepower monster! Tons of  performance upgrades. Car is ready to be driven and enjoyed!!!

2016 Mercedes c63s AMG – Special Edition hand built motor.

This car was a custom order AMG for a FL auto show, which was purchased one week after. It’s fully loaded, with all available options for luxury, comfort, and performance. It was one of the first models with white exterior on red leather interior, and full night-kit, on both engine and body, sports exhaust with electrical valve to open and close flap. Its original MSRP was $116,995 and it has been fully built from the top down at Weistec. They are the only shop to touch or work on this vehicle other than Mercedes. It has all of the invoices, service work, any recall records, and modifications from the day it was bought brand new from Imports Buena Park. There’s more than $60,000 into upgrades and modifications, all done professionally by Weistec Engineering. They Strictly specialize in AMG only and are globally known for there quality, performance, and both experiences and knowledge with Mercedes, mainly AMG’s. 

It was w.3 Turbo upgrades and the clutch and transmission has been completely built up. Car makes an amazing 850HP!

Aftermarket engine data/monitoring systems, that work in conjunction with stock ECU and TCU:

1. LED digital round display, monitors live AFR, Vacuum, Boost, waste gate solenoid, shift points, and absolute manifold pressure.
2. Water/methanol injection system progressive spray controller, that’s fully adjustable for tuning optimal starting and max boost points.
3. Green LED indicator light, shows when methanol system starts initiating spray, and what percentage its at while it ramps up to spray at 100%.  Its located in the cup holder tray inside car.
4. Fully stand-alone MAP and boost sensors that monitor and take live readings directly from the engine manifold and turbos themselves, independent for exact readings.
5. Stand alone wider and O2 sensors installed onto each bank of the down pipes, for dead on accuracy with its AFR during any boost level, and at all rpm ranges.

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