Storage of Classic and Exotic Cars


We offer two storage options:

  • In our main Museum / Event building
  • In our nearby highly secure warehouse building

Either way, our valet service includes having the car ready at short notice, storing a car while that one is out and washing and valeting before it is re-stored, battery maintenance trickle charging etc.

We also offer for your convenience:

  • Registration and Smog service
  • Flatbed service 
  • Gas top off
  • Detailing
  • Pick up or drop off
  • Light restoration, regular maintenance or repairs. [Fee based services.]

An Old, New Version of “Social Networking”
Crevier Classic Cars’ Member Network

Imagine … a central location in Orange County where the atmosphere flourishes in "car culture.” And imagine … a place where you go to "bench race," share stories, get advice, network and enjoy new friendships with others who are just as passionate as you are about classic cars.

Welcome to an old, yet new version of “social networking” ... the Crevier Classic Cars’ Member Network!

Becoming a Crevier Classic Cars’ Member

After you decide to store your vehicle with Crevier Classic Cars, you immediately become a member of a unique club … the Member Network.  Membership allows you to take advantage of our special facility and be served by a highly experienced and dedicated team, who enjoy catering to your automotive and recreational interests.  And, you can expect the same quality distinction and level of customer service you would expect from any of Crevier’s dealerships. The foundation and cornerstone of our success has been, and will continue to be, outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

Just Stopping By or Staying a While –
Member is Open

Crevier Classic Cars offers a setting designed to be a comfortable gathering place for both collectors and customers.  Whether you’re just stopping by or staying a while to enjoy conversations with friends and colleagues, keep up on the latest trends or play a game of pool, Crevier Classic Cars’ goal is to make our Members’ visits special, engaging and memorable.

The Member Network is open to our members whenever our facility is open and while it’s exclusive to our members, your friends and families are welcome to visit too.

Other ways to enjoy your membership in the Member Network:

  • It’s the perfect "off-site" meeting destination
  • It’s a great place to "decompress" from the busy workplace or to wait while evening traffic cools
  • It’s a relaxing Saturday morning retreat after a visit to Donuts & Derelicts or Cars & Coffee
  • It can be a Sunday morning refuge for viewing F1 or NASCAR

What Distinguishes The Facility from Others?

Crevier Classic Cars’ main facility offers 25,000 square feet and is equipped to store approximately 80 vehicles. This building boasts a state-of-the-art security system including CCTV and a highly sophisticated alarm system, tied to a quick response service and linked to the Costa Mesa Police Department.

An additional 4,000 square feet has been designed for Crevier's Ladies and Gentlemen’s club, with separate rooms for a variety of activities.  This area offers a customer reception area with refreshments, state-of-the-art audio/visual room with Wireless Internet capabilities, pool table and game room, and a library/lounge stocked with the latest automotive periodicals and books. Members are encouraged to visit the facility, check on their cars and enjoy the camaraderie of their friends and fellow car collectors.

At the rear of the building, space has been dedicated for a service and detail operation, established to perform routine maintenance and repairs of our customers’ vehicles. The building also features three commercial roll-up doors, so your vehicle can be efficiently positioned and easily retrieved upon your request.

Store your Classic and Exotic Cars with us as they will stay clean and always ready for you to drive!!!

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