Engine Size
312ci V8
Transmission Type


  • Meticulous investment level restoration by Amos Minter.
  • Brand new in every detail.


First introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in 1954, the Thunderbird Roadster was called the essence of personal luxury. It brought forth power, performance and handling with a focus on modern comforts and conveniences. More than 5,000 names were considered for the new Ford project. A young Ford car stylist, Alden Giberson, won a $95 suit and an extra pair of pants from Saks Fifth Avenue for suggesting the name Thunderbird. The 1956 Rarest of classic Thunderbirds with a production total of 15, 631 incorporated Ford's new safety concepts. Standard equipment included energy-absorbing-passenger side instrument panel padding, a concave safety steering wheel, safety door latches and a shatter-resistant mirror. Seatbelts were optional. Portholes were now being offered as an option with the hardtop, a move designed to increase visibility, but that went on to become one of the more distinctive features of the T-Bird. Last minute improvements including the addition of the optional 312 CID V-8 engine, gave the second edition of the Thunderbird better handling and increased performance. The 1956 Thunderbird also saw an increase in price with the hardtop no selling for $2,944 and the convertible selling for $3,019; with options, the priced jumped all the way to $3,800. This Torch Red 1956 Thunderbird was meticulously restored in Dallas, Texas by Amos Minter. The Minter team has sold many of their restored T-Birds at auctions that have seen the finished product net world record results. This 1956 is an investment quality restoration that in Mr. Minter's own words is one of his “Best works”. This car was a well maintained California car to begin with and was an excellent candidate for a restoration to this degree. It is positively brand new in every detail, from its sparkling under-carriage to its shinny red removable top. It is also equipped with a new white convertible top, power windows, power seat, power steering and brakes, and plenty of power under the hood with 225 horsepower.