Engine Size
2.0L I4
Transmission Type
4 Speed
Body Color
Golf Yellow
Interior Color


1972 BMW 2002tii VIN# 2760674 DESCRIPTION: The BMW 2002tii was the high-performance version of the 2002. The 2002tii was produced to satisfy the demand for more performance from the 02 line and delivered it with mechanical fuel-injection, wider wheels and larger brakes. Launched in 1971, the 2002tii used the same, elegant body shell as the 2002. And although the shape was quite familiar by the mid-70s, it hadnt lost it appeal and still managed to look fresh. The slender roof pillars, large glass areas and overall dimensions gave an impression of light weight and athletic ability. Power came from a two-liter four-cylinder a capacity that was considered at the time quite large for such a small car. The Kugelfischer fuel injection system is what makes the tii special and gives it its combination of midrange torque and top end power. The Kugelfischer system uses an engine-driven pump to pressurize the fuel and inject it behind the intake valves. The engine produces 140 bhp @ 5800 rpm and was fitted with higher compression pistons. In the U.S., part of the 1972 tiis allure is the absence of any power-robbing emission control devices and the inclusion of the European-specification mechanical advance high-performance ignition distributor. Visually, the trademark round taillights were standard 2002 fare until 1974 when BMW switched to a square design. The 1972 grille treatment, with black slats separated by two chrome ones, and faux sidelights in the lower corners, is a favorite among marque aficionados. This fully restored 1972 BMW 2002tii is finished in its original color of Golf (yellow) with black leatherette interior. The fuel-injected engine and four speed manual transmission perform flawlessly which makes this car very fast and fun to drive. The car has its original dash mounted VDO clock which was standard equipment on the tii model and vintage blue and gold California license plates. In 1972 BMW produced only 2,797 2002 tiis for the U.S. market. BMW sold more than 860,000 2002s worldwide before it was replaced in 1977 by what was then-and is today-called the 3 Series.