Engine Size
4.9L V8
Transmission Type
6-Speed Manual
Body Color
Bright Red
Interior Color


2003 BMW Z8 ROADSTER VIN# AH62040 DESCRIPTION: Bright Red with Crema leather. Equipped with 5 liter 394 HP, DOHC V-8, 6-speed manual transmission, aluminum chassis/body panels and 18 run-flat tires. BMW is known to release from time to time limited-production cars as the prototypical expression of the excitement for driving that is the companys backbone. The Z8 Roadster was the latest vehicle to have continued this tradition. The initial prototype was designed to celebrate the famous BMW 507s 50th Birthday. In the development of the new Roadster, the BMW designers had to imagine what the original 507 would have evolved to, had the production never ceased over four decades ago. The outcome of all of their efforts is a contemporary, but ever-lasting interpretation of the famous Roadster of the 1950s &ndash a car that is beyond doubt the perfect mix of power, sensuality, cutting-edge technology and classic elegance. Mainly hand-built, the Z8 was produced in less than 6,000 units and has already become a collectors car. This vehicle has less than 100 miles on the odometer and remains in new condition.