Engine Size
8-cyl 350cid/300hp 4 bbl L48 Turbofire
Transmission Type
3-speed Turbo Hydro-Matic Automatic
Body Color
Burgundy Maroon (67)
Interior Color
Red Vinyl


If you're looking for a low mileage, one of a kind and well cared for 1969 Camaro SS there's really no need to look much further than this one. The first thing that jumps out at you is the striking color combination, burgundy poly (code 67) and standard red (code 718) interior as well as the red SS side stripping. Although the red color stripes were GM's default color when ordering burgundy they were rarely chosen due to all others this color came with either black or sometimes white interiors and generally corresponding stripe colors. This is the only 1969 Super Sport ever produced this way (one of one). The current owner had the privilege to speak with the original owner and he shared the story of how he had to “Play like hell” to get GM to build him the car the way he wanted it! It took three attempts with each time being rejected as…”undesirable color combination”. The fear was the dealer would be stuck with the car once the buyer actually saw it and in the end the only way they'd agree to build it was if he'd pay for the car upfront. Well, he did and thank god because this thing is stunning in person! Both the burgundy poly (Corvette color) and the red interior are two of the rarer colors used on Camaros that year (approximately only 2.5% for each) so when you put them together… well, you won't see another like this anywhere!
While the paint on this car isn't 100% perfect it's in incredible condition considering the (outside only) was resprayed by Chevrolet in 1972 with original DuPont acrylic lacquer due to peppering from dirt roads on a New Mexico business trip in 1971. The minor blemishes from the last 50 years don't detract from its appearance in fact give it an original quality that shines just fine.
The original 57,000 miles becomes apparent when you start looking closely and even more so when you start it up. Pump the gas pedal setting the automatic choke and it fires straight up, tap it again to kick it down and away you go, no long warm up necessary. Super smooth idol with a perfect factory exhaust note. This car pretty much runs and drives like it was 1969.
There's a difference between a restored car and a car that has NEVER been taken apart. Original seals throughout for that perfect door closing sound, No one has had their hands under the dash to mess with anything, the seat frames and tracks look absolutely brand new, the windows roll up and down as they should and everything just works including the key warning buzzer!
As for the history of the car, the original owner kept this car garaged in Ohio until he sold it in 1998 to a man in Kentucky owning it until the current owner purchased it in 2015 bringing it out west. There are no signs of body damage or rust whatsoever, just a clean honest car that needs no excuses, just turn the key and enjoy it. Many more interesting details about this car to discover but for now feel free to ask any questions regarding it.
The current wheels on the car(optional SS magnum) were simply to give it an alternative look; however, the original 14 x 7 Chevrolet rally wheels that came with the car are also available.
Thank you much for your interest