Engine Size
1 Cylinder
Transmission Type
Body Color
Light Red


Crevier Classic Cars is offering a 1958 BMW Isetta 300.


Excellent paint and interior

298cc 1-cylinder engine

4-speed manual transmission

The Isetta was originally manufactured by the Italian firmIso SpA. The nameIsettameans "little Iso," the Italiandiminutiveform ofIso. BMW built its own version under license with many revisions, making the Isetta its own vehicle in several ways. The engine is based on a BMW one-cylinder, four-stroke motorcycle engine. Although the major elements of the Italian design remained intact, BMW re-engineered much of the car, so much so that none of the parts between a BMW Isetta Moto Coupe and an Iso Isetta are interchangeable. The first BMW Isetta appeared in April 1955. In February 1956 a 300cc engine was introduced. Thesingle-cylinder engine was enlargedto a 72mm (2.8in)boreand 73mm (2.9)stroke. At the same time, they raised thecompression ratiofrom 6.8 to 7.0:1. Power output rose to 10kW (13hp) at 5200rpm, and the torque rose to 18.4nm (13.6lb/ft) at 4600rpm as a result. The top speed of the iconic bubble car was 85km/h &ndash 53 mph.